Today, Friday, April 26, 2019

What Does Health Really Mean?

Health is a tricky issue to talk about, as it seems that everybody has their own idea of what is health and of what really qualifies as “health“! However, their seems to be a lack of what it means and depends on what people consider health is at the current times of living. While some may assume that it is ones mental well being, others might consider it as ones physical state. Each individual seems to view it more differently than the last.

While there is no scientific definition of what health is, the dictionary tells us that it is an overall condition of how someone or something is. However that can be interpreted into meaning thousands of things. Again it really relies on what each person considers to fall under the topic “health“. For a few examples, hair makeup can be considered health care products, just as much as a vitamin can!

While many companies try to define what health is, most products have nothing to do within promoting good health. So the term is used loosely and it isn't monitored by any Government body to required to look at the products. So be sure to read up on any products that claim to promote good health. This includes diet supplements and some vitamins. Be sure to read up on it prior to using or buying them to make sure that they are safe to use.

While most people consider that health is just a physical thing, it is also mental one! While some may say the physical part of it is bad, others might say the mental part can be worse for people to deal with. However both need to be seen both as serious players in ones overall health. Neither should be down played or made to seem less important than the last.

Spiritual health is also important for a well balanced person. However it is up to each person how or if they choose to be spiritual. Rather it is religion or yoga, as long as it gives you a sense of peace, that's all that matters for the spiritual part. Just aim to try to be spiritual in your own way.

As you can tell that they're 3 important parts of what health is and how you should approach it. Each part we should aim to take better care of, so we all can live a well rounded life.

All in all, one should try to remember that health is not all about just staying fit and taking your vitamins. It is a complete package of physical, mental and spiritual that all need to be taken cared of collectively in order to be your most healthy. Health is much more that what the eye can meet, and we all need to learn how to live balanced lives in order to be the most healthy we can be. So use the knowledge of what health is and share it with others so we all can take better care of ourselves and loved ones.

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